2019.07.25 Super-aged society is coming. The mayor of Matsumoto, Japan led the delegation to visit KMU healthcare system
2019.07.18 Elite from Peking University and National Taiwan University first time visited Kaohsiung Medical University and Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital. These top scores students show their interests for "face off".
2019.06.10 The only medical center located in southern area than Yulin and Chaiyi country, KMUH won the Joint Commission International Hospital Accreditation again.
2019.04.11 International collaboration plan with Eco World and Aged Care Group
2019.04.09 KMU signed Proton Therapy MOU with Medipolis
KMU¡¦s Reputed Long-term Care System to Make Inroads into Malaysia
KMU Takes Lead in Developing Sightseeing Medical Care in Vietnam