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Message from the Superintendent

 Superintendent of K.M.U.Hospital
 Ming-Feng Hou, MD


1979 M.D. Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan

Post-Graduate Education

1988∼1989 Research fellow, Breast Surgery, Department of Surgical
Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, New York
1986∼present Attending Physician Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
1982∼1986 Resident Surgery Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
1981∼1982 Resident Surgery Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital
1979∼1981 Internal Medicine Air force (Military Service)

Academic Appointments
2015/08~ present Superintendent , Kaohsiung Municipal HsiaoKang Hospital
2002/08∼present Professor , Department of Surgery, Kaohsiung Medical University
2007/06∼present President , The Kaohsiung Cancer Prevention and Education Society
2012/08~ 2015/07 Superintendent, Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital
2010/11~ 2012/07 Vice-Superintendent, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
2003/08∼2012/07 Chief, Cancer center, Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital
2004/05∼2007/03 President , The Breast Cancer Society of Taiwan
2000/07 Visiting Professor Iowa University
1996/08∼2002/07 Associate Professor Department of Surgery, Kaohsiung Medical University
1987/07∼1996/07 Lecturer Department of Surgery. Kaohsiung Medical University

Certification and Licensure
Certification – Board of Surgery, Taiwan June 1986
National Board of Medical Examiners June 1997
Association Clinical Trial Professional (Clinical Trial Investigator) Sep 2005
Certified Principal Investigator (Academy of Pharmaceutical Physician and Investigators)
Sep 2005

Professional Affiliations
1. American Society of Clinical Oncology
2. International digestive association
3. European association of mastology
5. Pacific-Asian Cancer Society
6. The Society of Breast Cancer, Taiwan Academic committee chairman 1999-
7. The Association of Cancer (Taiwan) Academic committee member 1997-
8. The Society of Surgery (Taiwan)
9. Formosa Medical Society
10. The Society of Ultrasound in Medicine
11. National Health Institute. (Taiwan)Taiwan Clinical Oncology Group member
12. National Examination Yuan Board of Medical Examiners committee
13. The Society of Breast Cancer, Taiwan President 2003

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