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Message from the Superintendent

 Superintendent of K.M.U.Hospital
 Inn-Wen Chong MD.FCCP


Visions and Missions set by Dr. Inn-Wen Chong,
 Superintendent, for the Kaohsiung Medical
  University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

  After being nominated by incumbent President Dr.Ching-Kuan Liu and then approved by incumbent Chairman of the Board of Trustee and other board members, I have took office as Superintendent of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital (KMUH) as of August 1,2015. Over the years, I am indebted to KMU for the education, training and different tremendous opportunities provided to me. I have developed a sense of grave responsibility for the KMU, her hospitals, and the society. Due to the support and guidance given by the Board of the Trustees, and the diligent efforts made by all successive presidents, superintendents, along with all of the staff, KMUH has established itself as a leading medical institution over the past six decades. In the past three years, under Superintendent Lai's leadership, KMUH has expanded the scope of its medical services. As a medical center and teaching hospitals, KMUH has both missions of providing quality medical education and medical services. Today's healthcare policy adjustments, low birth rate, and aging population have resulted in changes in medical needs and the development of new innovations in biology and technology information. KMUH has made the integration of medical care, biotechnology, and cloud computing in response to these changes. Current plans include developing "Medical Specialties and Long-term Care" and to establish a "Smart Hospital". In addition, one of the KMUH's major tasks and challenges is to cooperate actively with the university in order to increase "Innovative Research and Industry-Academic Cooperation", to develop "Featured Teaching and Talent Cultivation", and to carry out "Social Responsibilities" and to exert "Social Influence".

Thus, the following objectives have been set for our staff to work for:

  1. To Develop KMU's hospital group and bringing one's talent into full play
    KMUH has been expanding actively and with a steady pace, including planning new hospitals and a long-term care center, expanding the sixth medical building, assisting in planning a new medical building of Siaogang Hospital and the specialty development of Ta-Tong and Cijin Hospitals, as well as strengthening the connection and collaboration among the hospitals with strategic alliance to extend the coverage of service.
  2. To promote interdisciplinary and integrated research, and to strengthen research and industry-academic cooperation
    Developing interdisciplinary and featured research is the inevitable trend of clinical research. We will keep supporting and strengthening some specific fields, such as international research collaborations in translational medicine, environmental and occupational medicine, cancer, cardiovascular, cerebral vascular accident, hepatitis, etc. In terms of industry-academic cooperation, the patents and technology transfer of musculoskeletal research, dental materials, rehabilitative devices, and telecare are the main foci of the current developments. In addition, we need relentless dedication to these objectives in, to name a few, recruiting more faculties and scientists in basic medical sciences and doctoral fellows, promoting the role and function of the research groups, and persistently working on the project of establishing the National Project of Clinical Trial Center.
  3. To spare no effort to promote teaching and to maximize the function of the University Teaching Hospital
    KMUH is a university-affiliated medical center, and the integration of medical education and clinical training must be complementary to each other. The distribution of physicians into clinical researchers and teachers allows them to focus on their interests and improve performance. The featured medical teaching is developed by carrying various teaching plans based on physicians' specialties, such as the resident's specialty training program run by the Residency Review Committee, the impetus of inter-professional cooperation. The hospital also provides grants for rewarding outstanding teaching performance.
  4. To provide the best medical care and to carry out social accountabilities
    In order to provide high quality medical care, KMUH will continue to develop cutting edge medical services for personal, department, and hospital use, in the fields such as oncology, reconstruction and transplant medicine, emergency and critical care medicine, and regenerative medicine etc. Furthermore, we hope to fulfill our social responsibilities by initiating community medicine, preventive medicine, telecare, and long-term care. The establishment of an international medical service program is hoped to open up the international market. Moreover, we have never ceased to be devoted to serving underprivileged groups, rural areas, and our international volunteer services keep increasing the visibility and reputation of KMUH.
  5. To improve management performance and to lay the foundation of sustainable development
    The foundation of the Smart Hospital's development is based on the concept of "Patient-centered care" and the application of the technology to management, which integrates mobile devices, cloud computing, and big data to optimize medical care and service quality. Meanwhile, initiating JCI evaluation, intensifying operational management, and developing core values allow us to generate profits and elevate performance. Furthermore, aligning with the appropriate budget plan, a comprehensive salary structure and performance review system would reasonably help secure justice in the workplace and improve the staff's performance. Therefore, creating a high-quality working environment and a strong sense of coherence and responsibility will make all colleagues feel fulfilled and satisfied toward their jobs and take pride in working for the KMUH.

  Though already having had a comprehensive system, KMUH still needs every member's effort to make the system keep functioning well. In the future, KMUH will work closely with all of the other university affiliated hospitals and collaborate with the university under the supervision and guidance of the Board of Directors, The pursuit of excellence will continue and the aspiration and the strive to become a first-class international hospital will never ceased.

  I would like to thank all the special guests and our colleagues for coming today, and those predecessors and alumni who couldn't come. Please let us be united, and I ask for your continued care, support, and help KMUH continue to move forward in the future.


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