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Future Prospects

The hospital sets short, medium and long-term development program in accordance with its purpose, vision and goal. “Provide Holistic Care” strategy is to develop the excellence in specialties of medical treatment and enhance regional medical standards; “Cultivate outstanding talents” strategy is to develop the excellence in teaching and reward for research published with both quality and quantity; “To become the most trusted medical center to the public” strategy is to enhance patient’s safety, quality of medical treatment, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. All actions both uphold medical ethics and fulfill the social responsibility.

(1) To meet the development of KMU medical system and continue taking the KMU medical system go-out strategy. University and hospital work together to promote the strategic alliance and priority to construct long-term care system agencies and six-term new medical building plan.
(2) Focus on investment and development of featured leading edge medical treatment, based on the surgery medical specialties (such as Da Vinci Su Surgical System, the Renaissance System, etc.) and the interventional medical treatment of internal medicine as top priority.
(3) Featured medical treatment also includes the integration of various medical resources and patient's medical treatment process. Also, it develops a patient-centered medical treatment which is immediate, effective, convenient, and high quality.
(4) Emergency and critical, transplant, cancer and other medical treatments on behalf of the role of medical center continue to strengthen and enhance on the existing basis.
(5) Strengthen the international medical service, let the hospital becomes the Southern most important International Medical Center, and proceed to assess the feasibility to enter mainland medical care market.

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