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Medical Achievements


1. Improve emergency, critical and difficult medical service network
The hospital is a medical center and a responsible hospital for severe first aid. It has acute stroke team, acute coronary syndrome team, ICU management committee and critical care medical center. It continues to serve the disabilities for 10 years and establishes the only dental medical service demonstration center with special needs affirmed by the Department of Health in central and southern Taiwan. It is the “Living donor liver removal and transplant surgery implemented hospital” approved by the Department of Health in 2011 , and it continues to develop liver and kidney living organs transplant surgery.

2. Develop diversified featured medical service
Continue participating in SNQ (Symbol of National Quality, representing Safety and Quality) and is rewarded every year. There are total of 19 groups that include continued examination in Year 2012, and the “ New Vision for Blepharoptosis - the Innovative Frontalis - Orbicularis Oculi Muscle ( FOOM ) Flap Surgery” of Plastic Surgical care team, which is rewarded the honor of Silver Prize of the National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award. This shows the
quality and effectiveness of medical care has reached the world-class standard.

3. Enhance the medical quality and create an organizational culture of patient’s safety
Continue promoting the various work plans of TRM Team, RCA Team, Patient’s Safety Group and Women-Friendly Group this year. Moreover, response to the announcement of patient’s safety goal,"strengthen the inpatient suicide prevention", which is added by Medical Quality Improvement Council in academic year 2012. Additionally, set up the suicide prevention group to promote the implementation of various suicide prevention projects and in coordination with the Medical Quality Improvement Council to transact the medical institutions response activities on Patient’s Safety Week. The theme is I will “response” to the patient’s safety, and there are 453 response persons in total and is awarded the “Benchmark Institutions on Patient’s Safety Week” by Medical Quality Improvement Council.

4. Actively cooperate with the National Hygiene and Medical Policy
Social service room actively transacts organ donation advocacy activities in January 2012 to June 2013 and in coordination with the Cancer Control Act. The hospital cancer resources station is honorably awarded the “Excellent Award” of result presentation of cancer resources single window in Year 2012 issued by the Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, Taiwan.
The hospital is the leading hospital of poison and chemical disaster in Kaohsiung-Pingtung region. The hospital regularly holds annual joint exercises with responsible hospitals for nuclear, poison and chemical disaster and counseling other responsible hospitals to arrange the poison and chemical disaster education and training programs.
Conduct health promotion activities with whole hospital personnel and have fun together, including weight loss competition for health promotion, employee’s health promotion family day mountaineering activities, Wii Sport tennis match game, Karaoke singing competition, photography competition, essay competition of describing the KMU, and encourage colleagues to team up and participate in dragon boat racing. Bone Dragon Team has won the Second Place of 2012 International Dragon Boat Races among institutions and schools. Participate actively in Smoke-Free, Age-Friendly and other hospital accreditations held by the Bureau of Health Promotion.

5. Participate in International Medical and Hygiene Service and Assistance Activities
The hospital participates in international medical, hygiene and assistance activities in fixed point, long-term and root way, and the excellent result is affirmed by Solomon Islands. The Governor, Sir Frank Kabui awards ”Cross of Solomon Islands” to President James D. Chen on Jun. 25, 2013.

Jointly plan and implement the holistic care education programs by department of clinical education and training, clinical units, medical units and various departments of the university. All physicians, medical students, medical personnel and interns are required to participate in pre-service training and general medical continuing education, holistic care programs such as patient’s rights, medical ethics, medical laws and hospice care.


As the benchmark, the hospital is an excellent clinical research center, focusing on patient center and strengthening the link to translational medical research between genetic basis and pathogenic mechanism. Also, upgrading the research to more refined and excellent to reach the international top position.


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