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For self-pay foreign patients: Please find the following three ways for your reference to arrange a Kao-Xing VIP clinic service.

1. Call: +886-7-3121101 (ext. 5536)
2. E-mail:
3. Online Request: Please check out the website of the International Medical Service Center (Here) for more details.   

For NHI card holder:

If you are a National Health Insurance Card Holder and would like to request a general clinic appointment, please call directly at +886-7-3121101 ext. 5500 or 5536

資料來源:國際醫療中心/高杏門診  分機:5500、5536


No.100 , Tzyou 1st Road Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan Last Telephone:+886 7 3121101
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