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Facilities in the ward and environment maintenance
1. External contact
*Telephone in the ward: for local calls, please dial “0” first and then dial the phone number you want to reach.
*Public telephone: It is located at each floor (please use phone cards).
2. Visitors calls
Please dial 3121101 for operator of the hospital and then transfer to ward___________or transfer to___________________________to the nursing station and leave a message.

II.Intercom for nurses
If you have any emergency issue or in need of something, please press the red button and then speak to staff for assistance through the indoor intercom.

III.Manual for patient bed
1. Electric patient bed: Please use the remote control to adjust the bed, and do not pull the remote control cable
2. Bed rails: Please pull the bed rail up all the time for children and patients' safety

IV.Chair bed
Chair beds are only available to use overnight from 8:00pm to 7:00am and at noon from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. For any other time, please fold the bed to avoid treatment interference or cleaning work. Please bring your own bedding.

V.Environment Maintenance
1. In order to provide a clean and comfortable space for the patients, please put your personal clothing and supplies in cabinet or bedside table seperately. Please keep your own belongings in safe place.
2. Please remember to bring your personal belongings, and double check the cabinet or bedside table before leaving the hospital. The hospital is not responsible for any personal belongings left behind.

VI.Safety Maintenance for Patients
1. For patient safety, the isolation room will be monitored under 24 HR video surveillance. Patients can contact staff members at the nursing station through intercom.
2. In order to maintain public safety, please do not use the following electric appliances in the ward:
Induction cooker, electric kettle, electric spoon, oven, toaster, stewing pot, medicine pot, hot pot BBQ pot, electric heater (without heating lamp) and electric blankets.

VII.Other equipments
Hot water
1. Water fountains are located at each floor.
2.For hot water, please contact staff members at the nursing station or go to pantry room. Be careful of scald injury happen when using drinking machine. Hot water serving hours: 7:00 AM to 22:00 PM

Bedding rentals
Please contact staff members at the nursing station for bedding rentals.


We provide ice machines, wheelchairs, coin-operated washing machine, dryer, spin dryer and renting of aids. Please contact nursing station for more information.

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