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  The Department of Health Management Center of Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital was established in l977. Since 2013, Department of Preventive Medicine was restructured to Health Management Center. The main scope of our service includes the provision of hospitalized medical examination and medical healthy surveillance for workers, individuals, health and gene-related disease screening before marriage, immigrants for marriage or work, vehicle-driver-license applicants and students. Experienced specialists conduct the examination.
  Health/medical consultation and lecturers are also provided as required. In order to provide the quality of medical services to our clients, the four-storey building (Tzu-Chiang building) has been in operation since June 1996. It is equipped with highly qualified medical facilities, client-oriented space design, highly computerized working procedures and professional and kind working friendly staff. Characteristics of Our Services:
Our room is isolated from diseased-patient hospitalization area. The atmosphere in our department is comfortable and like a home, which  helps clients to relax during the examination.


All instruments are connected with our latest Digital X-ray Machine, Optical Disk Storage System, precise Bio-Chemical Analysis instruments and examination equipment. The results of each examination obtained from the examination procedures will be collected and promptly presented to our clients on the screen of the computer.


All examination results are reviewed and interpreted by our senior doctors. In addition, consultation will be provided if any further medical treatment is required. Our nurses and technicians are professionally trained and license-qualified as well.

Contact us: For an accurate, time-efficient health visit, please call the following numbers. (Day) 07-320-8269, 07-3121101-6872; Fax: 07-3110529 . Office Hours:Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5:00PM, Saturday 8:30AM -12:00PM, Sunday and National Holidays are closed.

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