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Visiting Hours
Notes for accompany or visiting in the ward:
I.The regular visiting hours of this hospital are as follow:
General Ward
Psychiatric Ward
Adult Intensive Care Unit
Respiratory Care Center
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit 
Intermediate Care Nursery
Note: If there is special Infectious disease, it will adjust flexibly according to the regulations of government or hospital.

II. Please do not make loud noise when visiting, keep your voice down and avoid causing any disturbance to the peace of ward. There are lobbies provided for visitors at ward of each floor at Building E.

III. If family members who accompany or visit the patients, visitors, special nurses and nursing aides have cough, , fever, infectious disease, or any other diseases should avoid contact with the patient in the hospital to prevent cross infection.

IV. The hospital is a public place. Infants are more prone to infection, please try to reduce hospital visiting.

V. In order to cooperate with the level of epidemic situation and medical needs released by the government, when the patient is hospitalized, the nursing station will issue accompany card of family members or visitor card. Please show the card when accompaning or visiting and return the card when discharged.

VI. When family member visit in ICU, please cooperate with the following regulations:

1.Visitors shall take turns to visit the patient and a maximum of two people is allowed at a time.
2.Children under 12 years old shall not enter in case of infection.
3.Please prepare your own masks, wash your hands and put on visiting clothes during visits. Please put visiting clothes back to the original place when leaving.
4.In case of emergency or treatment, the visiting hour will be delayed; however, the visiting hour will still be 30 minutes. Thank you for your understanding.
5.If there is any special situation after 11pm, please conduct visiting procedure at the entrance on Shihcyuan Road.
6.If any family member needs accommodation, please ask the nursing station for contact of nearby relevant hotels.

VII.In order to maintain quietness of the ward for the patients to get proper rest, visitors should leave the hospital before 22:30 and only 2 people are allowed to accompany for each bed.

VIII.Restricted hours of gateway: 22:30PM to 6AM of nest day and can only enter from the lobby at Shihcyuan Road (Building B&C).

資料來源:護理部  分機:5363